In 2018, Ampersand Projects launched its first flagship product, ‘Vodka, Soda &’ – the first vodka and soda ready to drink (RTD) option in the Australian marketplace. 

Our tagline ‘add whatever you want’ reinforced the idea that the drinks were made to be added to, enhanced and experimented with and a bit of fun. 

Fast-forward to 2023 and Ampersand now has a portfolio of 23 products and counting.

The Ampersand portfolio has rapidly expanded and includes different flavours, different spirits, alcohol strengths and unique packaging. Our clean, minimalistic branding except for the enormous, now iconic ‘&’ emblazoned on the packaging is instantly recognisable across the entire range.

We have quickly become a major player in Australian spirits, taking on larger international companies. 

Thanks to all our loyal customers for supporting local.


Marcus, Shaun & Alex